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Training Media Missionaries

Time and time again we see how God uses the power of story to connect others with the gospel message. Training indigenous media missionaries to reach this part of the world with their stories is a key component of what we are called to do at Asia Pacific Media. Over the years we’ve assisted in training pastors and Christian leaders in many nations of the region to utilize media and available technology to help further the gospel in the 21st century. Many students from all over Asia Pacific have been impacted by the “Multiply” media training seminars developed by APMedia in the Philippines. Our 12-member Manila-based creative team is supporting training efforts all across Asia Pacific. We help local workers to see how video could be used for evangelism, small group discipleship, mobilization and vision casting and reaching out to a younger generation. It’s clear. Thanks to your prayer and partnership, APMedia continues to provide ministry leaders the media training they need to see His Message, Multiplied in greater Asia Pacific.

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