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Training Missionaries for the Digital Age

“Train those who will train others.” The model that Paul gave to Timothy is the backbone of AP Media. It’s His Message, Multiplied. In an era of digital technology, the gospel message can travel further than it ever has before. We’ve trained indigenous media missionaries for over 25 years, and it produces lasting results! We are training speakers, videographers, editors, and writers. And AP Media has done that in approximately 20 nations. Our staff has already had a busy couple of months. We’ve trained writers through AP Media writing workshops. One of our team members spent five days working on two new projects with our Myanmar video producer to reach this vast mission field. Currently, we are planning many workshops on how the church can effectively utilize social media to share the gospel. But some of most exciting training opportunities in our ministry’s history are on the horizon. In the last 30 days, we have received invitations to train media missionaries in Indonesia, northern Myanmar and even Filipino churches in the Middle East! God is at work opening doors were once completely closed to the gospel! A $100 investment today gives hands-on training to a media missionary like Ryan Gregorio to expand his knowledge in video production. “Media is a crucial outlet of this information age. And now that transfer of information happens very quickly. We can use this to our advantage by sharing the Bible as fast as we can so that it will reach many.” Gregorio said. We plan to produce short films focused on discipleship and sharing the Good News. We can reach a lot of people, especially the students as we go back to our churches and use what we’ve learned to communicate the gospel in a way that speaks to this generation.”

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