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Update from APMedia Philippines

by Keith and Delsey Garner, Asia Pacific Media--Philippines AP MEDIA PHILIPPINES UPDATE—Even though our Asia Institute for Media in Ministry scheduled for April of this year was postponed, our training has been taken to a new level. At the beginning of the pandemic, we produced a series of livestream tutorials for churches. We helped facilitate five training webinars for missionaries in Asia Pacific, and we launched a “Media and Ministry Forum” Facebook group which now has 800 members. This group seeks to provide ongoing instruction to pastors and content creators through weekly instructional videos, webinars and live chats. Even though many workplaces have been allowed to reopen, kids age 19 and younger are still mandated to stay at home. This is difficult for kids and parents. AP Media has re-released a preexisting project called U-Kids, editing the series into a shorter format for use by parents at home. We are hoping it will give parents another tool to use as they deal with the rising stress of not only entertaining their kids, but also in educating them. July 30 was the celebration of Eid Al-Adah. a Muslim holiday that commemorates Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. This story of how God provides is important to both Christians and Muslims. APMedia produced a short video of a Filipino pastor who explains how Christians can use this holiday as an opportunity to start discussions with Muslims. In July, the production team began recording a weekly short prayer that is promoted through the social media pages of our weekly radio program entitled, “Hope Is for You.” These prayer videos have covered topics such as praying for your child, praying for your spouse and praying for our government. During these challenging times, AP Media is still being intentional about finding ways to point people to Jesus.

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