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We Urgently Need YOUR Help To Keep the Momentum Going!

God has opened many new doors in Asia Pacific, but we can not walk through them WITHOUT you! As we approach the final weeks of 2016, we must address a significant shortfall in our ministry operations budget. Your special offering is urgently needed today to help us overcome a $25,000 operations deficit before year-end. This money not only covers the salaries of a creative team of 12 people; it keeps the lights on at our AP Media headquarters in Manila. How we finish out the final weeks of 2016 will determine our ability to say “Yes” to many exciting missional opportunities on the horizon for the year ahead. Please give your best year-end gift today. A $50 gift covers one hour of AP Media operations. $400 covers one day, $2000 will take care of one week. Any investment, no matter the size, will multiply God’s work across Asia Pacific. You can also make your donation securely today at or simply by texting APMEDIAGIVE to 95577 (U.S. only). God is opening many doors to reach Asia Pacific with the gospel. Thank you for helping us walk through them with your faithful support.

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