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What We Believe: A New Digital Study Series in Myanmar

“The General Council of the Assemblies of God of Myanmar was founded on October 13, 1955, and now we are in 65 years by the grace of God. I particularly enjoyed that the Myanmar AG media team could produce a video series of Sixteen Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God this year. I believe that these videos clips will help our church members and even other believers to clearly understand ‘what we believe and what to believe.’ “It is a great blessing having a media team at the headquarters of Myanmar Assemblies of God. Although the churches are closed in this time, our sermons reach out to the members of the Assemblies of God by using social media platforms in this COVID-19 period. “To God Be the Glory!”

—Rev. Dr. L Yaw Han, General Superintendent, Myanmar Assemblies of God “There are many pastors and church members in my region who still have not fully understand our Sixteen Fundamental Truths. I was very glad when I saw the ‘What We Believe’ video clips on YouTube and Facebook in my language. I was able to understand more clearly about the gifts of the Holy Spirit from those videos. Thank you so much to every one for your efforts on this project.”

—Aung Gam (Ah Phu), Grace Bible Church (AG) “I would like to express my sincere thanks to God for the programs of Myanmar AG Media team at the headquarters of Myanmar Assemblies of God. I listen to almost every sermon delivered by Myanmar AG Media. “It is so good to hear the word of God from our leaders on our Facebook page, especially during this time of COVID-19. I listened to all the sermons and got a lot of spiritual energy. “I myself read the book of Sixteen Fundamental Truths several times, and I understood it a little. But when I listened to the explanations of our leaders by video presentation, I came to understand more the meaning of the ideas. “The media presentations are vital for all AG family members and essential resources that help preachers to be up-to-date on a timely basis.”

—Rev. La Ma Zu, Peace AG

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