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Where It All Comes Together

My faith journey began in college at the University of Illinois. We found an incredible church, and it was a “Kairos moment”– a God moment– where it seemed that week-by-week, month-by-month, God was doing remarkable things in people’s lives. Out of the group that was a part of the church during a five-year period, there were over 50 of us that went into cross-cultural ministry. It is an excellent memory, but it also reminds me of an important truth. There are moments– God moments– when there are the right people in the right place with a clear vision to do the right thing. I have been in ministry long enough to realize that this does not happen all the time. In this e-issue of Mission magazine, you will see how God is working through our Manila-based ministry to reach and restore lives in the Philippines. It still amazes me that God is using our small 12-person Filipino and Chinese creative team to influencing most remote areas of Asia Pacific with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His Message, Multiplied—This is where it all comes together. This is our Kairos moment, and we are walking through doors that no one has had the chance to walk through before. Thank you for your commitment to help us get there for God’s Glory!

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