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4 ways AP Media is Passionately Investing in Families

AP Media provides previously aired radio spots as downloadable audio spots for free. These spots serve as personal devotions, excellent transition resources for conference sessions, conventions, and churches or on radio stations or podcasts. Moments for Mothers audio spots, available in English and Filipino, focus on the issues women and mothers face on a daily basis. Listen to "I love you, often" by clicking the video above.Man to Man and Usapang Lalaki audio devotionals speak to issues that affect men as fathers and leaders in their families. Listen to "Marriage Commitment" by clicking the video above.The Think a Minute series is geared to teaching young professionals how biblical values can transform every relationship. Listen to "Can't Get No Satisfaction" by clicking the video above.Ligayang Panghabang Buhay is multi-dialect audio spots which contrast negative attitudes with alternative approaches which generate healthy life-long change. Listen to "Superstition" (in Filipino) by clicking the video above.

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