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A Heart to Bring Hope to the Philippines

In the 29 year history of AP Media, the Philippines has been our ministry home, and it’s become home to Kim and me. Each day our hearts stay focused on bringing Christ-centered answers to relevant, real-life issues, to see His Message, Multiplied through digital messages. Our prayer is to reach and restore people in this beautiful country, as well as Southeast Asia through the love of Jesus Christ. During the last few months, news reports from the Philippines have focused on the governments war on drugs. The results of this war are thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands who are bound by drugs desperate to make a change. The Philippine government is asking the Church to respond to this crisis, and Asia Pacific Media already has some video resources for the church to use. We want to create more. Your faithful prayer and steady monthly support are critically needed as we engage this opportunity while not losing sight of the ministry’s momentum in other countries like Myanmar and Indonesia and in the Middle East. Can you imagine the potential of thousands of people receiving a strong message of the gospel as the Church works with those who are seeking help? The opportunity is here: and we are poised on the front lines for such a time as this. Thank you for your heart to bring hope through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ—the source of true freedom. --Bill Snider Learn how you can help. Click here.

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