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A Voice of Hope in Myanmar

As the upheaval continues in Myanmar, a light on social media shines bright. Brother Chit Po is sharing his messages of hope, which has a following of over 15K in his country, through social media. His success is partly due to the training and resources our APMedia partners have provided, and they have prepared him for this strategic ministry moment. Q: How did you become a follower of Jesus Christ? Although my family has been Christians for many generations, I did not know Christ. I thought I would go to heaven because of my good deeds when I attended a Bible study in April 1984. I came to understand the grace God gives His children. A few years later, I felt the call to ministry. I thank God for continuing to use me, especially during this time. I prayed that God would use me to share His salvation with people as much as possible, especially at this time. Q. Tell me how you began to work with Myanmar media. One day, while sitting in a tea shop with my friends, I met Ah Khin from APMedia Myanmar. When we met, we talked about the Word of God, and he invited me to join the Media for Hope team. My work with Media for Hope has allowed me to share the truth of God’s Word. The Media for Hope ministry focuses on the love and grace of Jesus and helps all who hear to understand the work of the Holy Spirit. I thank God for the internet because I have the opportunity to share His Message on many online media channels. Media is such an essential tool for the Church. We cannot go to many faraway places, but media is not limited by distance. All of us, of any race, religion, or denomination, can access the Message of Hope. People are busy and tired these times and cannot listen to long messages. The Media for Hope videos we share on social media are clear and concise. We are seeing many testimonies come out of this effort. Q. What do you see happening in people’s lives through your Media for Hope page messages? Many people are encouraged through my messages on Media for Hope about salvation. There are three questions concerning salvation: the present moment, public life, and eternal life. Some have come to faith after listening to the topic. I heard about a person who married an unbeliever, Their spouse came to Christ through my message. In one place, Media for Hope’s messages are used for Sunday services. Someone who had heard these messages passed them on to evangelize others. Q. With all that has happened in Myanmar in the last year, do you see people more open to the message of Jesus? In the past, when the situation in Myanmar was good, people did not realize they needed a Savior. When the situation in the country got worse, and people did not find the answers they were looking for, they felt hopeless. No matter how much they meditated, no matter how many good deeds they did, there was no way out. This critical moment helps unbelievers realize that all they need is Jesus. During these difficult times, people are surprisingly hungry for the gospel more than ever before. People are worried about tomorrow. Even though the situation was not good when they heard the gospel, they were eager to know Christ. And not only know Christ; they desire to share His message with others — even selling possessions to follow God’s call. As the last days approach, everything pushes us with more urgency than ever before to proclaim His truth so all may hear and come into a relationship with Him. This is the power of sharing His Message, Multiplied by the power of media!

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