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In Asia Pacific, church livestream is indispensable, especially in the Philippines. A two-year lockdown has prevented churches from meeting in person, meaning their only corporate worship has been their livestream. APMedia quickly launched a series of tutorial videos explaining a basic livestream setup using a cell phone. Those videos led to technical questions being asked so, a Facebook group was created to help supply answers. For more in-depth training, bi-weekly webinars were produced for specific technical and leadership issues. However, we also noticed that some were beginning to think that a successful livestream was the goal of a successful media ministry. We wanted to celebrate the progress that had been made, but also challenge that idea. That is why AIMM 2022 was formatted to deal exclusively with livestreaming. Just because we have developed a level of proficiency does not mean we do not have room to improve. “AIMM 2022—Up Your Game” was designed to lead the student through every stage of livestream production to hone their skills, challenge their assumptions, and inspire their creativity. The focus was not just improving technical skills, but also improving the structure of their teams and their cooperation with their pastor. When students saw the media setup of three different churches, it encouraged them to do their best with what they had but also to inspire them to dream about what is possible. Most importantly, these students were challenged to understand the purpose of their livestream as well as their media team. Thank you for helping us help the Digital Church in Asia Pacific up their game!

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