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Coffee at Home —Help us Reach the Asia Pacific

Each year millions of families are separated by thousands of miles as the husband or wife leave home in order to earn a decent paycheck. Overseas foreign workers live in a 6 by 10 foot living space as nannies, shopkeepers, nurses, and maintenance workers. APMedia Director Bill Snider has witnessed firsthand how this has torn at the fabric of families.

"The toll this separation takes on a family is hard to comprehend. Mothers are working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong, are forced to parent their children through short text messages. Many children are growing up without the nurture of a mother or the strong male role model as a father."

10.5 Million Hearts are in Need The need is great as one tries to digest the idea that 10.5 million Filipino workers are currently overseas foreign workers; yet the overwhelming need doesn't stop volunteers and workers at APMedia. Instead, they are thinking outside the box to create materials to benefit every person, every family—every heart. Their goal is to partner and equip 10,000 churches to reach out to OFW's.  As the world changes so does our resolve as we find new creative ways to share the power of Christ through all media avenues. You can review what APMedia has been doing on our website and by reading stories on our blog and or by reading the last few issues of Mission MagazineAnd all we are asking YOU to do is partner with us in some way in this great endeavor. Whether God is nudging you to move through prayer or finances, we need your support.  Several weeks ago, I asked for 100 people to support APMedia with a commitment of $50 per month—or 50 people committing $100 per month.  It is imperative that we have immediate response to this need in order to secure our future. 

Coffee at Home? For some families, $50 just might be too much to give each month. So, what we challenged you to one month of only drinking coffee at home. What if instead of purchasing your favorite latte each week, you gave that money to APMedia?  What if you challenged a friend to do it with you?  What if you called your church to do it—for one month? One month of giving to cover $5,000 in operating/training costs for APMedia build a stronger foundation to meet the ever-increasing demand as well as opportunity to reach the Asia Pacific?  Can you imagine the impact for Christ? Can you imagine how your funds would help impact another family or equip another church?  No matter if your only able to give $10, $20, $50 or $100 one time or in a monthly pledge of support—it will all go towards meeting our monthly $5,000 a month operating budget that spans across the Asia Pacific to see souls impacted for the kingdom. Take a moment, search your heart—is God calling you? Maybe a friend? Take the challenge and declare it on your social media pages using this link and state it, "I'm having coffee at home in order to give to APMedia."  You've seen, you've witnessed and you've been challenged—it's your call!

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