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Editorial: Digital Loaves and Fish

A few years back, I was talking with one of our China workers about a unique MP4 audio/video player. It was a small but useful tool that held the Bible and also several hours of video teaching and looked like a very small cellphone. My friend described it as “digital loaves and fish.” That expression has remained in my heart. It really describes what we do! As you browse our annual print issue of Mission, this is a great metaphor for what’s happening across Asia Pacific. Training a video producer, producing a women’s magazine, launching a new drama—all of these may seem like small efforts, but because of technology, this good seed has multiplied the reach of these biblically-based resources—beyond what we could have ever imagined. The little boy who gave his lunch to Jesus that day had no idea of the potential of the gift. Even though we are now in our 27th year of ministry, we have yet to see every way that God is using these messages, multiplied by digital technology to change lives today. Digital loaves and fish. It’s a good picture of what is happening as we partner to reach Asia Pacific with the gospel. Thank you for your prayers and your support of Asia Pacific Media!

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