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Editorial | Mission Magazine September-October 2015

Everyone has a story to tell. The difference between those who have the chance to tell it and those who don’t often involves one thing—opportunity. Our long-standing publications—MOMS Magazine and Men in Progress gives Filipino women and men the opportunity to learn how to express their ideas and the share their stories that will in turn bless others. Imagine these stories being read by hundreds of thousands, changing lives and bringing health and hope to families. It’s part of our vision: His Message, Multiplied. At APMedia, we offer people opportunities to learn and try new things related to media. That includes training indigenous Christian workers to do what we do—use the media to share the Good News. Right now, we are the AG media ministry serving in Asia to Multiply the Message of Jesus Christ! We want stories of life change to be shared and inspire others to find hope and a renewed life through Jesus Christ. There are too few good story tellers, writers and video producers who are telling the Good News. Last month, our team provided 50 Chinese workers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of video production so they can effectively utilize this medium for ministry. We believe that several will take what they learned to capture stories that will take the life-changing message of Jesus Christ into parts of the world where it has never been heard before. In this issue of MISSION: HIS MESSAGE. MULTIPLIED, you’ll see what happens when people are trained to share their stories and their stories influence lives for the Kingdom. Thank you for supporting this vision. Keep up to with the life-changing stories and new opportunities by texting APMEDIA to 95577 (U.S. ONLY). Also, visit our newly updated website, It is our prayer that your heart will be stirred for the need to support the work that is expanding every day in Asia Pacific. We are praying for you!

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