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That's Jesus Video Series

Introducing Yan Si Hesus (That's Jesus), a video series produced by APMedia. These one-minute videos extend a heartfelt invitation to viewers, offering a glimpse into the life of a man who sparked a revolutionary movement of love—the "radical love movement". Through captivating storytelling, Yan Si Hesus reveals that Jesus is not a distant figure, but rather, He intimately understands the human experience and empathizes with us all.

The primary goal of Yan Si Hesus is to resonate with the younger demographic, particularly those engaged online, by presenting Jesus in a relatable and approachable light. These succinct yet profound videos aim to convey how Jesus' timeless message of love transcends barriers and speaks directly to the hearts of today's generation.

Complementing the video series is a user-friendly instructional guide, ensuring seamless navigation and accessibility for churches and viewers alike. The impact of our efforts is evident, with a video campaign launched last year amassing over 1 million views—a testament to the resonance and effectiveness of Yan Si Hesus.

As APMedia continues to expand its reach and influence through projects like Yan Si Hesus, they remain committed to spreading the transformative message of Jesus' love far and wide. Join them on this journey of sharing hope, compassion, and understanding with the world.

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