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We are pleased to announce that because of partners like you, we were able to provide our APMedia team in Myanmar with a much-needed SLR camera so that they can continue producing Messages of Hope for the country in crisis. Believers in the country continue to struggle with the upheaval because it is not as easy to get around. COVID has been very, very bad in the country at different times. Several pastors and church workers have lost their lives to COVID, and until recently, they didn’t have the vaccine. The Church has increased its online presence in the past two and a half months. In that time, their Facebook page has grown 30 percent. The page has nearly 14,000 followers, Our APMedia team member and his family live in a General Council office— a five-story building designed as an office building, not for a family to live in. But because they can’t find a place to live and because finances are so tight, they live in that place with their two children. The Myanmar Media Team continues to regularly produce new content for Media for Hope in the studio. And just recently, they’ve started to go outside the studio and shoot footage on location in safe places around the capital. Would you continue to pray for protection and wisdom for our Myanmar team as they would like to go out and do more on-location shooting? It’s not always safe to do so, and they’re also limited in their production budget. If you would like to support the media ministry happening in this time of crisis, you may designate your gift online to Myanmar at Thank you for your partnership as we continue to help produce these relevant Messages of Hope during this crisis.

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