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Growing Relationships: Story of Reymie Gardose

I am Reymie Gardose from the province of Kalibo, Aklan. I have been attending the video Bible study program called Life Journey for more than a year now. This is where I encountered the Lord again and continue to grow in Him. We discuss the different topics from the Usapang Pamilya (Family Talk) video series that they show in church. I was able to relate to the videos and it changed my perspective in life. I realized what I was doing was wrong. I was living with my boyfriend. He was a troublemaker. It was through this program that our miserable life changed and had new meaning. One night after attending the Bible study, I told him about what I learned. Last year my Life Journey leader asked me if I wanted to get married and I said , “Yes.” My boyfriend and I went to counseling and then were married. I’m really thankful because I saw sudden change in my husband’s character. I can truly say that my relationship with the Lord has also become stronger and deeper.

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