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HIS MESSAGE, MULTIPLIED INDIA—Meet Jim–Video Production Student

I have been very active in the media ministries in my church, including photography, videos, music ministry and helping with the PA system. I received a master’s degree in media and in mass communication from two different universities in India. I felt I needed to attend the AIMM training because it’s a fast-changing world. Photography and journalism were my thing. I wanted to catch up with the development of technology. I wanted to know how the video production piece worked. In many places in India, the spread of the gospel is very restricted. So what do you do? People are into television, so you get to them through video. For example, our ministry broadcasts the Word that our pastor preaches. There are not many Christians in our town of 200,000; it’s a challenging situation. When we use the media, we go to different houses in different places. We can go at different times. We can reach more people now and in the future. I want the media to reach people. My father started the church in 1987. He rode a bicycle around and handed out tracts to people. That was his media ministry back then. We have better tools now. We need to use every tool we have to reach the people. Email, video, print, online magazines. I want to see this happening in our church. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the people that helped make this happen. I don’t know if they realize they are making a big thing, sowing big seed here. It’s not just people from a lot of countries coming here and learning. They will go out and DO it.

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