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“I am Michael. I am a drug addict.”

So begins Michael’s tragic story. Growing up with violence, both in his home and in the streets of his neighborhood, Michael turned to drugs.

Somehow, he was able to hide his addiction. “In high school, I was a varsity athlete. No one knew I was using drugs,” he says. Using drugs made him feel powerful. People were afraid of him. But it all caught up to him. “I didn’t graduate because I was kicked out. I lost hope. I felt powerless.”

And his downward spiral into despair continued. More drugs. More alcohol. Then Typhoon Sendong hit, and his life was really turned upside-down. His family’s home was destroyed, and they lost everything.

As you listen to Michael tell his story, you will hear how an overdose landed him in the hospital, but it was there that he had an encounter with Christ. “That was the first time I asked God for help: ‘Lord, help me!’”

After his release from the hospital, he connected with a Christian who took him to church. The result? Listen to Michael’s own words: “I am Michael, a former addict, and I surrendered my life to God.”

Each Living Free video costs our ministry about $1,200 to write, film, produce and distribute.

As you support AP Media, you enable us to provide video and print materials like these to supplement drug rehabilitation workshops arranged by Global Teen Challenge in the Philippines in response to the national War on Drugs.

Thank you for partnering with us to see His Commission, Multiplied in the lives of each person who sees this video and even more to come.

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