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IMPACT: Real People In Real Life

Meet Pastor Roque My name is pastor Menen Roque, and I pastor this church Upper Room Social Brethren Church. We have seven churches throughout Manila. The furthest is at Benguet province. APMedia ministry has impacted our ministry in two ways. One in print, the MOMS and Men In Progress magazines. Second in the films "Ang Sugo", "Rebound" and others. 

Ang SugoWe showed “Ang Sugo” in 3 different occasions. During our youth month here in this Church. We brought the movie also up north in Benguet and also showed in Mindoro with the “Mangyan” community. 

I used the “Ang Sugo” film as a resource tool to preach God’s word on cults and occults. And to expose the lies of the enemy the Devil. After the showing and discussion, one member in our youth, admitted to me that he is into witchcraft. I shared more to him God’s word and he renounced the teaching about cults and occults. The next morning, he came back bringing all his materials, surrendering everything to the Lord. And praise God, he is delivered. We also showed “Kaibigan” (Usapang Pamilya video) in our “Love, Courtship and Marriage” discussion during our youth month. APMedia has helped our ministry to become more relevant to the communities we are trying to reach. We are blessed by the APMedia team. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary.

Take The Coffee@Home Challenge Can you think of a book, article, or video clip which changed your life? Is there a particular one that comes to mind right now? Just like your life changing moment, APMedia is pushing through the darkness to multiply God's message for everyday people like Pastor Menen Roque and his congregation. Can you help us?  Two weeks ago, we challenged our readers, supporters, and friends to take the Coffee@Home Challenge. Instead of purchasing your favorite latte each day, we are asking if you have coffee at home for one month. By saving $4.00 a day, your contribution of $74.00 OR if you chose to have coffee at home twice a week, your contribution would be $32.00.  Our meager budget of $5,000 a month could be met by someone like YOU choosing to impact people for God's Kingdom! 

Take a moment, search your heart—is God calling you? Maybe a friend? Take the challenge and declare it on your social media pages using this link and state it, “I’m having coffee at home in order to give to APMedia.” 
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