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Leann Flores - APMedia production asst.

I remember before the pandemic, pastors or some Christians would actually condemn social media. But when the pandemic started, everything was turned upside down. And they were actually the ones who invited people to their Facebook Live sermons. When I was in elementary school, I started liking photography. But when I was in preschool, I really liked practical arts like singing, theatrical arts, performing arts, dancing, drawing, and sketching. Then in college, I took up communication arts, majoring in film. Late 2017 or early 2018, I tried joining my first ever contest, a videography contest here at APMedia. That movie was not technically perfect, but the story won. That’s when I understood that the technical should be secondary; the priority should always be the story. I attended AIMM 2018. There I realized that media is not a tool for the devil to attack us, but can be God’s tool if used properly. It can be God’s tool for us to reach out to other people so they can hear the good news and be saved. Personally, working with APMedia has had a great impact in my life — the trainers have mentored me. Now that I am taking a film course, the things that I have already learned from APMedia — the techniques, the skills, the vision, telling a story — help me as a student and as a minister in our church. This was especially true when the pandemic started. I was the one who did and continued to do the livestreaming as well as the photo and video editing. I think if I didn’t have that skill or that passion, our church would not be producing videos or even sharing the Sunday services and sermons. I know what I’m doing now aligns with my future career goals. The Lord has chosen me. I’m really happy with that. I do media ministry for the love of the Lord; that makes it even more fulfilling! Thank you for helping us continue to expand our APMedia staff as we increase our training efforts across Southeast Asia in the year ahead!
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