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Meet Digital Missionary - Julyn - APMedia App

Julyn, a 22-year-old college graduate with a degree in biology, serves on the music ministry team at Tabernacle of Praise Church in Leon, Iloilo Province, Philippines. But her ministry extends far beyond the four walls of the church. I use Facebook as my social media platform,” Julyn said. “I have 1,596 friends.” Julyn was communicating online with friends all around the world, but she struggled to find a way to turn her conversations to spiritual things. Her answer came at an Assemblies of God district convention in 2020. “Keith and Delsey Garner introduced me to the AP Media app.” Keith remembers Julyn’s response. “After she watched a sample video, her eyes brightened and she excitedly exclaimed, ‘I now have the resources to do what I have always wanted — to share Jesus with my friends.’” Julyn found the AP Media app easy to use. “I just use the resources— mostly inspiring videos and those that have trending topics—by sharing on my page. I also share videos to our youth group messenger.” The AP Media app is making a difference. “AP Media resources are effective in reaching out to people through the platform that I use,” Julyn said. “Reaching out to people is easy because most of us have access to the internet. People often spend time scrolling through Facebook, and sharing your faith can even reach those who are far from you.” Julyn feels the AP Media app has empowered her. “I have shared spiritual things to some who are interested, and I am happy for their positive feedback. AP Media resources are big help in spreading the good news about God.”

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