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Mission Magazine —UNREACHED Available Now

So excited about the doors opening to APMedia to reach into the Unreachable parts of the Asia Pacific. God is doing great things to reach this world with the gospel through the ministry of APMedia. READ this Issue NOW by Clicking Here . You can also get this issue instantly delivered to your cell phone by texting APMEDIA to 95577. Thank you for your continued support as we take the love of Jesus to over 1,115 people groups who have yet to hear the salvation message!

SUMMER 2015 Mission Magazine Featured Videos Watch these featured videos from our Summer issue of Mission Magazine Focus: Pray for Indonesia Stories: Ma Liza Samson Promo: Aug Sugo Trailer YouthMax Promo APMedia Mission Video Ye Ye Hlaing Testimony I am Ye Ye Hlaing, a Bama woman. My husband is Bama too. I was born in a Buddhist family. Since my childhood, my parents taught me the ways of Buddhism such as offering flowers,Water, burning incense and lighting of candles. When I grew up I used to go to Buddhist temples for nine to ten days meditation and I found a kind of peace. But that peace didn’t last long. In 1988, my mother got sick. At that time some Christians neighbors shared to me about the living God who can heal diseases. They prayed for my mother and also shared the gospel. What I learned from their sharing is that people are sinners. There is only one, Jesus Christ, who can save us from sin. Before, I knew about Christians was that they celebrate Christmas every year. Through their sharing, I came to understand that we can escape from the Circle of Life (endless rounds of rebirth) by believing In Jesus Christ. I wanted to taste and experience the living God myself. I was not employed then. So, I challenged God to give me a job as a proof of being the Living God. God answered my prayer and employed me in a company as an accountant. While working at the company, God spoke to me through Luke chapter 5 where it talks about catching of men. So by faith I resigned from my job and went to Antioch Bible School. I was worried about the support for my mother. As I went to bible school believing that God is alive, He provided me a part job in the evenings.That’s how I was able to support my mother for a Year. By the time God took away my mother, she was already saved. Have you ever received a gift from someone? A gift is something that one receives free of charge but out of love from the giver. God gave Jesus Christ for us as a gift because He loves us. The sunlight and the air are indispensable for human being.But God has given them to us as gifts. We would never be able to pay for them. If we accept God’s greatest gift of love, Jesus Christ, we have received the passport to enter the kingdom of heaven.

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