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Open Doors & Unimagined Possibilities

Romans 12:6 says, “God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” What an encouraging word. However, so often, we have to give people a chance to discover that talent. From the beginning this concept— providing training on all levels of print and digital communication—continues to build the legacy of this ministry, Most ministries simply produce good products or stories, but few focus on His Message, Multiplied through training indigenous media missionaries. Over ten years ago, we began training a husband and wife team to be presenters on our “Family Talk” program. They were naturally gifted, but this training and opportunity opened new doors for them in ministry. Today, the husband is a radio personality and regularly speaks on marriage and family issues. As a team, the couple is making an impact in the Philippines and other Asian nations. We had the privilege of coaching them and God opened a door to use their gifts for His glory on a scale they never imagined. This edition of MISSION is dedicated to AP Media’s His Message, Multiplied commitment to training. and exciting opportunities to take that influence to untapped mission fields in Asia Pacific and beyond.

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