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Pastor Bob - Faces of the Digital Church

When the lockdown was first announced, it was only supposed to be for 2 weeks, but then it kept getting extended. We began to grow concerned about the impact this would have on the church.

  1. How will we stay connected with our people?

  2. How will we continue to minister?

  3. What resources do we have?

  4. Do we have the capacity to go online? Before the lockdown, our media team managed our Facebook page as well as our audiovisual presentations during services. When the lockdown started, our team was made up of young people in the church who were inclined toward IT, but they did not have much experience. We started recording in our house, but we realized it was not as easy as we thought. We needed skills and tips on lighting, background and sound quality. Our church has benefitted from the training we received through the tutorial videos produced by AP Media as well as their online talks and forums Ministry opportunities have been opened, and we have learned how to maximize our resources and use them to proclaim the gospel. We want to thank the AP Media team. You have all been an encouragement to us, for such a time as this. The COVID Crisis has not stopped the church, and in some ways it is thriving in ways that it never has before.

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