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Releasing Limitless Potential

This year, Asia Pacific Media hosted its first-ever conference dedicated to training church media workers. In February 2023, 700 media workers across the Philippines attended “Limitless,” in metro Manila. Dynamic speakers imparted vision to the attendees through the topics of limitless creativity, opportunities, and reach. Originally, we only planned for 200-300 attendees. Those numbers continued to increase until the expected turnout was more than doubled! In fact, on conference day people were waiting outside the venue waiting to get in. Some had even ridden on a bus for 14 hours to attend this 1-day event. It was a fantastic sight to see media workers, who usually serve God quietly behind computers and mixers in the back of sanctuaries, worshiping God together from the depths of their hearts. Following the activities and training, participants left with a greater passion and vision for their media ministry than before: Here’s what some of our attendees said about this milestone event:

"Limitless is the best conference I’ve been to. I did not only learn, I had fun, and I know I can apply everything I learned from the conference. Looking forward to next year!" —Grace"This conference has given me a clear vision and self-reflection on our ministry." —Teodolfo"The event was timely as I was reminded that we have a limitless God who can turn things around." —Samantha"Thank you APMedia for opening a platform where church media teams can grow, network and stay focused on the reason why we do what we do. I did not only learn and have fun, I know I can apply everything from the conference." —Bautista"It was definitely a fruitful experience. Definitely learned a lot from the speakers and learned how to be more rooted in Jesus in doing the ministry." —Valencia"Mastering resources is not just about buying new and better equipment. It is also about properly stewarding what we have been entrusted with." —Sabobo
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