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Thanksgiving Multiplied

Even though Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Asia Pacific, as a ministry, we have a reason to celebrate! We look back on a year of great harvest and workers being readied for the field. We’ve been given an opportunity to take this into countries where no missionary has been allowed to go. But in this time of abundance, there is a reality: out of 895 million people in Asia Pacific, 845 million of them are spiritually lost. 845 MILLION—and the most effective way to reach them is the message of the digital gospel. It can go farther and quicker than any missionary can travel, and it does not take hundreds of thousands of dollars of itineration and travel. In fact, AP Media is doing this work for only $50 per hour, $200 per day. This year alone, our creative team of 12 people has trained over 800 media missionaries to “Multiply the Work” on the field. But to move forward in the opportunities coming our way in 2017, we must tackle a $25,000 operational deficit before January 1. As you read and listen to the testimonies in this issue would you prayerfully consider what you can do today to invest in souls in Asia Pacific? With your help, all will know the provider of the harvest and source of our joy.

Bill Snider

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