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35 Years of Multiplication

Thirty-five years is a long time. When Kim and I began Asia Pacific Media in 1988, I didn’t know where this ministry would go; we just knew we had to start. We could not see the coming expansion of communication through digital media and smartphones. We just believed God had called us for this time. This ministry has developed beyond what we could first imagine. But our ministry focus remains the same. One small group can’t do it alone. We must multiply! His Message Multiplied happens through training the next generation of media workers both online and in person and also by creating messages that share the gospel in relevant ways. Creativity, a passion for media, and a clear vision—His Message Multiplied. I believe the best is yet to come. We have a growing team with a vision for ministry, several who weren’t even born when we began Asia Pacific Media! Our team has both a heart for ministry and skill to do the work with excellence. In this issue of Mission, you will read about the open doors in early 2023. Several of our team members will be in Japan in February and in North Vietnam in March. Both nations have few believers but through creative media, churches can reach thousands of people online. We will be training believers to impact their digital world. We’re able to do this because of your partnership. Thank you for helping us expand the vision!

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