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4 ways training is multiplying His Message in Asia Pacific

1. SCRIPTWRITING—“I teach scriptwriting, both for audio and video. When a student begins, they tend to think scriptwriting is too challenging and time-consuming. Students learn to brainstorm and are excited to walk through the creative process and then see the outcome.” —RHODA CHAN 2. VIDEO PRODUCTION—“It’s amazing to equip workers with the “how-tos” of video production as well as basic concepts of filmmaking. It’s almost like replicating myself through these people knowing that they will do media in places I could not even go.” —JAYR MANALO 3. AUDIO PRODUCTION—”Through the Multiply seminars, I’ve had the chance to teach many students how to use church sound systems as well as audio production techniques for radio and video. I’m so thankful for the skills God has called me to use for Him and to be able to pass my knowledge on to others is incredibly rewarding.”—ALENA PALAD 4. SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING—”It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to teach many churches and leaders web development and help them use social media and to maximize connect with, disciple and encourage their church members throughout the week as well as expand the reach of the gospel.”—PATRICK TAN

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