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A Kairos Moment in Vietnam

“Media is irreplaceable in Vietnam.” These words from a church leader capture the partnership that APMedia has with the Vietnam Assemblies of God churches. In 2017, prior to COVID, Pastor Samuel contacted me in Manila. We had been friends for almost 20 years. He asked if APMedia would help the church. He had a vision to tell stories of God’s work in people’s lives using YouTube and to have a presence on Facebook. We responded later that year and have continued to work with churches and his team in Ho Chi Minh City for five years, minus the years when COVID kept us from in-person contact. Vietnam is wide open for digital ministry. Over 90% of adults 18 and older are on Facebook. Church workers are young and motivated. They want to learn. Since 2017 we’ve done four workshops in Vietnam, three in the south and most recently, one in the north. Our second in-person training session took place in Haiphong and was attended by an incredible group of young individuals and numerous churches who participated enthusiastically. During the session, we encouraged media missionaries to create posts for our social media page, and every pastor recorded a two-minute video message. The content generated was impressive, particularly considering it was their first time. The church in Vietnam is seeing their outreach grow. Some of their media team leaders are now beginning to train smaller churches in using social media ministry. They have learned that social media and stories can reach beyond the congregation and bring lost people to faith in Christ. Long-term relationships with leaders develop into long-term ministry that influences the direction of a church. I’m thankful for God’s favor on 35 years of ministry through Asia Pacific Media—your partnership has made this kairos moment possible!

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