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Ang Sugo: Speaking the Language

Pastor Menen's Story "I pastor the Upper Room Social Brethren Church. We have seven churches throughout the Philippines. The furthest is at Benguet province. "I used the film Ang Sugo (The Messenger) as a resource tool to preach God’s Word on cults and the occult. And to expose the lies of the enemy the devil. After the showing and discussion, one member in our youth admitted to me that he is into witchcraft. "I shared more to him God’s Word and he renounced the teaching about cults and occults. The next morning, he came back bringing all his materials, surrendering everything to the Lord. And praise God, he is delivered!" --- We never knew the plans that God would have for our movie, The Messenger. We never imagined it could go viral. The movie, which deals with issues of spiritism and the occult, had over 300,000 views on YouTube this year. This film offers its audience a life changing truth: Jesus is more powerful than any spiritual force or fear in your life. And this Truth is actually attracting a new audience! The drama now has been translated into Mongolian and Bahasa for Indonesia. APMedia is pushing through the darkness to use media to multiply God’s message for everyday people like Pastor Menen Roque and his congregation, as well as reaching into countries that have never been open to the gospel before.

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