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APMedia Behind the Scenes: What's being said about serving Asia Pacific

“It’s always encouraging to hear a testimony of someone using a material produced by APMedia; either in print or one of the videos. It’s quite amazing to see that the media tools that we produced years ago still are ministering people that we haven’t met personally.” —JayR Manalo, APMedia, Philippines “APMedia provides a place for me to express my passion in arts and mission. Whether in print, web, or film, APMedia allows me to use my talents for multiplying His message across the Asia Pacific region.” —Patrick Tan, APMedia, Philippines “In distribution, I am amazed that the far south (Muslim) areas in the country, purchased videos from us!” —Johnson Li, APMedia,Philippines My work at APMedia allows me to use contemporary tools to inspire and train people. It also makes me feel energetic and young!—Rhoda Chan, APMedia-China, Hongkong “When I teach video production and edit videos for APMedia-China’s resource website, I also learn God’s truth and am inspired to serve God more.” — Alice Wang, APMedia-China, Taiwan “Serving at Asia Pacific Media has stretched my faith in God. He is the one who opens doors of opportunity for us to train people in different parts of China. He is the one who connects us to people, particularly in remote places, that they may hear His Word and find hope.”—Josie Leung, APMedia-China, Philippines “I didn’t understand the impact of MOMS Magazine on our readers until one day at a mall, I was shopping with my sister and someone approached me and asked, “Oh, are you Evelyn Damian? I was surprised and reluctantly said, “Yes, I am.” Then she excitedly called her husband and said, “She’s the editor of MOMS! They are administrators of a Montessori school and they told me they use MOMS to reach out to non-Christian families of their school.” —Evelyn Damian, APMedia, Philippines “When I record the “Daily Bread” devotional program, I also benefit from its lively message and guidance. I pray that everyone who read or listen to the message is blessed. May we all walk on the path of our Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly.” —Carol Wang, APMedia-China, Taiwan

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