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COVID & The Digital Revolution

COVID was a game changer. As the news focused on quarantines, shutdowns, and countless deaths worldwide, churches were limited for three years on how they could meet—especially in Asia. It was a difficult time. But there is an untold story. An unconventional revival to saturate digital space with the Good News. COVID forced churches to enter into the digital world to focus on discipleship and evangelism. We saw exponential growth in streaming of Sunday services, prayer meetings, and even small groups. Before COVID, only some did this. Throughout the region, churches saw testimonies of salvation, healing, and restoration of families and relationships due to the reach of media ministry. As a result, demand for church media training is only increasing. For APMedia, this presented an excellent opportunity to serve the Church. From instructional videos to creating a Media and Ministry Forum to returning to in-person training, APMedia has become the go-to source for ideas and practical instruction. We are reaching places in the world we could never reach in person. In this issue of Mission, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about just some of those ways your partnership is Multiplying His Message like never before.

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