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From Bill Snider: How Can They Hear?

I remember my first visit to Fiji. After a church meeting, I stood outside my hotel looking at a small group of people gathered on a hill probably half a mile away. Then there were flames. It was a funeral pyre. A Hindu family was burning a corpse. Their hope: reincarnation to a better life.

The picture above was taken at the Schwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. It was a festival day, and the place was jammed with people. Then I saw this individual and realized it was likely she had never heard the good news, not once. Without hearing and understanding, she had no possibility of believing. Their hope: nirvana, which means nothingness.

These scenes capture the reality of Paul’s words. People are lost and face eternity without God. People can’t believe if they haven’t heard, and they can’t hear unless someone tells them.

Every week, our team is creatively involved in producing stories and messages that will capture the attention of those who haven’t heard. We realize that one small group can’t do it all. So, we adopted several years ago a simple ministry theme: HIS MESSAGE, MULTIPLIED. We produce, and we help others to do the same. It’s our passionate desire that people will hear, believe and call.

God has given the Church an amazing open door. Video and social media cross barriers. We are seeing it happen across Southeast Asia.

As you read the Fall 2018 Annual Update edition of MISSION magazine, would you join us in being the carrier of this good news to those who haven’t heard?

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