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IMPACT: APMedia Nurturing Faith Through Technology

See this little girl? Her name is Faith. She lives in the Philippines. Her family was reached with the gospel using materials produced by Asia Pacific Media.

See this group of children? Their parents are Christ followers because their Pastor's have materials, tools, videos, and family programs that have been adapted to the cultural trends in order to give them life giving faith.

Our world is fast changing and in need of God's Word more than ever. Here at APMedia, we find real life pastors, students, teachers, mothers and fathers and train them to harness media in order to impact their children, families and communities with the love of Jesus that restores lives. Asia Pacific Media uniquely addresses the emptiness our world feels despite being connected more than ever. Through the use of media, our vision is to empower Christ Followers through the use of effective technology with movies, short films, family programming, radio shows, in local languages and workshops. More importantly, we invest in real life people by teaching and training them how to use media to capture hearts for Christ; we hope to see every Asian People group impacted for Christ. It only takes $5 to reach one family. Take time to prayerfully consider what you can do and give something, even if it's just the price of a cup of coffee, today. Even a little goes a long way to help us reach and restore families in crisis across the Asia Pacific, in Jesus name! Thank you for partnering with us to His Message, Multiplied!

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