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IMPACT: Helping Filipino Families through People Like You

Last week we talked about how books, movies, and articles have the ability to change lives. APMedia's mission is about changing lives by drawing on God's Word and multiplying it. What better way than to focus on families by offering hope filled, Biblically based resources? If you've ever heard of Right Now Media, APMedia is similar except we offer our resources for free. You can check out our video about those resources here: Family Resources

Usapang Pamilia SeriesBecause of our desire to build strong Filipino families, we created video resources that mirrors the issues families face today. This series of twenty-eight, thirty-minute dramas highlights family issues and moral values while providing insightful discussion and Biblical advice from counselors. Each topic addresses sensitive issues that could be difficult for people to overcome by showing positive alternatives.

So what are the topics?We carefully created messages for marriage and family including adultery, divorce, conflict, domestic violence, forgiveness, and parenting. But we didn't stop there, topics for youth and young adults include peer pressure, pre-marital sex, and finding the right partner. Topics for personal development include financial management, marriage preparation, spiritism, worry, sexual identity, gossiping, addiction and pornography. The Usapang Pamilya Series has been used for public showings, cell group discussions, bible studies, and family counseling as well as personal discovery and self-reflection. 

The Family AcademyFamily Academy is a complete toolkit using the Usapang Pamilya video series. This curriculum is designed to help families grasp biblical principles to build strong families in four important areas: communication, financial planning, Christian living and forgiveness. This ready-to-use kit includes printable certificates, banners and promotional materials, a theme song, detailed instructions and teacher guides, and a question and answer PDF document. The Family Academy serves as a unique resource for outreach, home studies, fellowship groups and discipleship programs in the church. Through Usapang Pamilya and Family Academy, Asia Pacific Media Philippines strengthens family relationships through the multiplication of His message. 

With Your HelpWith your help we can continue to reach into people's lives and provide an anchor of hope, understanding, and a way to grow in Christ. Would you be willing to partner with us? You can give several ways:

  1. Any one time donation of $10, $20, $50, $100, $250 or $500 would be a gift much needed and multiplied. 

  2. Consider asking your church or life group to partner with you in giving a one time gift or monthly support.

  3. Take the Coffee @ Home Challenge where you give the funds saved from driving coffee at home instead of purchasing your favorite latte. Partner with us to impact the Philippines with messages unique to each soul we meet. 

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