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IMPACT—MOMS Magazine: Reaching the Family through the Classroom

A LETTER FROM BILL: Dear Friends and Partners of APMedia, When mom, pastor's wife and college professor Lalaine Mendezona, began reading MOMS Magazine it sparked an idea:  if the material could encourage her in her relationship with Christ and give her encouragement on raising her family; why not introduce the material to her students.

So, Lalaine did just that. And then started getting more copies of the magazine at the request of her students and faculty.

MOMS magazine, produced by APMedia, is providing answers to great challenges Filipino mothers face. Many mothers who work overseas or in other nations as domestic helpers, are forced to parent their children through short text messages. These children grow up without the nurture of a mother or the presence of a strong role model for a father. These factors come into play in the classroom each day. So when Lalaine discovered MOMS, she knew the stories could minister to her students and co-workers who were struggling. Lalaine loves MOMS Magazine because it introduces God's plan for families to these mothers in a non-threatening manner. She comments: “They enjoy reading it. And I'm happy I can use this as tool as sharing God's Word. Some people are "allergic" to Christian materials and I give MOMs Magazine, especially to mothers and it’s an effective tool, I can testify to that.” If we can reach a mother, we can impact a home with the gospel. APMedia produces MOM's magazine and distributes it for free because we know a mother's heart is the heartbeat of the home. We give it away for free because family budgets are limited. We’ve also discovered that one magazine’s reach is multiplied on average to be read by 9 people!  But producing this life-changing resource is impossible without your support. One sacrifice can reach hundreds of families in crisis. What would you give to change a family, a young student , mother or a husband’s life for the better?  Whether God is nudging you to take a step to help through prayer or finances, we need your support.  We need 85 foundational partners to support APMedia with a commitment of $50 per month—or 42 people committing $100 per month.  It is vital that we have immediate response to this need in order to secure our future. For some families, $50 just might be too much to give each month. Would you give up one day's coffee and donate that $5.00 to APMedia? What if that effort was multiplied and you gave up one coffee each week over a whole month? What if instead of spending all you spare change you collected it in a jar for one month? What if everyone in your family contributed to that jar and you allocated that money help us reach these families in crisis? It is possible! Can you imagine the impact for Christ? Can you imagine how your funds would help impact another family or equip another church?  Your "Instead" creates a ripple effect—as we create and distribute tools like MOMS to restore and share God’s love with countless broken families. In the Philippines, we call February Love Month. Rather than it being Valentine’s Day, the whole month is focused on love, family and relationships. Could I ask you during Love Month to give generously so Asia Pacific Media can continue to serve families in crisis who are hurting, separated and sometimes deeply scarred? No matter if you’re only able to give $10, $20, $50 or $100 one time or in a monthly pledge of support—it will all go towards meeting our monthly $10,000 a month operating budget that spans across the Asia Pacific to see souls impacted for the kingdom. Every $5 gift enables us to reach one of these families. Take a moment, search your heart—is God calling you? Maybe a friend? Take the challenge and declare it on your social media pages using this link and state it, “I’m having coffee at home in order to help APMedia reach families in crisis. Thank you for investing in APMedia today to see His Message, Multiplied! God bless, Bill Snider

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