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IMPACT: Your Gift to the Asia Pacific

Ask anyone and they can tell you about a dark point in their life or a moment when they didn't know what to do. More often than not, a book, article, or movie pointed them in the direction they needed to go. Books, articles  and movies have that sort of power—especially Christ-centered ones which is the goal of every project we take on.  APMedia looks at each project in the realm of how it will serve as a compass, guide or form of encouragement when someone needs it most. Not only does APMedia create life changing messages, we offer it for free because we believe God's message shouldn't have any barriers like cost. Our goal is to deliver these materials to pastors, cell groups, clinics, churches, young adult groups and even prisons. 

What We Offer

"Usapang Pamilya Kids Edition" or "U-Kids"These five to eight minute videos are resources for teaching and modeling Christian values and character traits to children and are powerful tools in the hands of teachers, pastors and parents. Each volume of U-Kids contains a video and a printable teacher's guide PDF on each of the seven topics. Our first volume includes: Honesty, Forgiveness, Confidence, Helpfulness, Obedience, Generosity and Kindness. Through U-Kids, APMedia models life-changing values allowing the multiplication of His message to the next generation. For more information, click here: U-Kids.

MOMS Magazine & Men In ProgressOur team produces two publications for Filipino readers, "MOMS: Building the Best Families" giving practical help to mothers and "MEN IN PROGRESS" or "MIP" aimed at men. With a circulation of more than 40,000, these publications are produced quarterly and are distributed for free to churches, government agencies, prisons, clinics, offices, schools, and hotels. Each issue can also be read online or downloaded via our website.

Because of YOUAPMedia has witnessed countless lives changed as we multiply God's message through our talented team of volunteers and staff. Because of donors like you, we can impact Filipinos as well as people across the Asia Pacific on all levels and in all stages of life.  We want to take a moment to say "Thank you," we ask for your to share your passion about APMedia, why you support our cause and tell others how they can impact God's Kingdom with our Coffee@Home Challenge.

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