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Media and Ministry Forum

The Media and Ministry Forum (MMF) is an online community that emerged during the pandemic, providing a vital space for pastors and church media workers to connect and support each other. The Facebook Group, now boasting over 7,000 members, is a vibrant hub where members share insights and collaborate to enhance their media ministry efforts.

MMF has hosted numerous webinars and mentoring groups covering a wide range of topics related to church media. These sessions offer valuable learning opportunities and foster a sense of community among participants. Through MMF, church leaders and media workers gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use media to engage their congregations and spread their message. This dynamic forum continues to be an essential resource for anyone involved in church media, promoting growth and excellence in their ministries.

In 2023, Asia Pacific Media and MMF hosted the Limitless Conference, a one-day event dedicated to inspiring church media workers. The conference featured a series of sessions on various topics, providing attendees with the tools and inspiration to excel in their media ministries. The Limitless Conference exemplified the commitment of APMedia and MMF to empower and equip church media workers for impactful ministry.

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