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Missions Media Minute: Harnessing Technology for the Good

by Bill Snider, Asia Pacific Media Director

There is amazing power in a spirit-inspired idea, whose time has come. I want to share how personal technology, which has exploded over the past 15 years, can be used positively. Like any tool, it has the potential to be harnessed for immense good.

Embracing Technology for a Greater Purpose

I believe that God has provided the church with technological advancements to serve a greater purpose. At APMedia, we are committed to training the next generation on how to utilize social media and tell impactful video stories that promote positivity and spread the message of God’s love.

Stories of Transformation from Across the Globe

To date, our efforts have resulted in remarkable stories emerging from countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar. The list of individuals and nations impacted is long and continually growing. People who have never previously encountered a clear witness about Jesus are now discovering him through online platforms. Those we’ve trained are using social media to reach Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics, and young people, all of whom are finding faith in Jesus.

Using Social Media for Good

Rather than condemning the negative aspects of social media, let’s choose to leverage it for good: to communicate God’s love, His plan, and His message. You have the ability, right in the palm of your hand, to speak to someone today and make a meaningful impact.

Invest in Goodness

Thank you for investing in APMedia as we continue to teach people how to use social media for good and for God. Together, we can transform negative narratives and spread a message of hope and love across the digital landscape.

The world is in your hands—use it wisely and inspire others to do the same.

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