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Next Generation Digital Missionary: Dennis (Video Production)

My wife, Judith, and I are an unlikely couple. She came to know the Lord (through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) while she was in college. I became a Christian at age 16 but dropped out of school. I didn’t meet Judith until after she graduated from college. She started coming to church with me at Daraga Bible Christian Church. We served together in the church’s Project Compassion, a ministry that helps children. At age 20, I went back to school. I picked up where I had left off — in seventh grade. I managed to complete my schooling and even graduated from college. Even while we were still dating, we felt opposition to our relationship. She had already graduated from college; I was just in my second year. Eventually, though, I completed my degree and received my teaching license. I now teach elementary school, serve as the church council chairman, and teach in our Project Compassion, which currently serves over 300 children and which Judith now directs. Our church does not yet have a media ministry, so they sent Judith and me to learn everything we could. Judith plans to use her writing skills and what she learned here at AIMM to begin a publication through our church. When I came here to the AIMM training, I had no idea about operating the camera and equipment. Yesterday they allowed us to set up and run the camera and the lighting. Especially how to take photos, use angles, use sound for the videos, and how to video a subject. Learning things like these are interesting to me. We don’t have any cameras yet, but we have a vision. We are planning to video our pastor preaching and publish it, especially for our members who are abroad.

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