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Next Generation Digital Missionary: Jessica (Social Media)

After I came to Christ, I got involved at church drawing backdrops and that sort of thing. Now I’m the event coordinator for youth events. Coming to this training is my first venture into media ministry. My youth pastor encouraged me to go to AIMM training. I have learned that it is good to gather a lot of useful information. For example, I like to engage young women. I want to empower them to know that they can embrace their imperfections. They can be whoever they want. I made a page that talks about young women to encourage them. Khan Santos taught us how to create social media posts that catch the attention of my audience. First, stop the scroll. Next, “this is me, and this is us.” “This is me” is what do you want them to know. And “this is us” is how can they relate to that post I created a social media post, and I saw that it is effective. It went from one like to 20 responses very quickly. To see that difference in how I approached creating that post made a significant change in how I view the potential of social media and the gospel. I’m planning how to expand our outreach to young people. They are so very active in social media. I want to use this as an avenue to reach out to them, to engage them. This resource will make it easier to invite them to our church by sharing something positive. Then they can contact us if they have problems. I want to thank all who support AP Media Ministry. You have been helping a lot of people like me get inspired. I am overwhelmed. Using media is an excellent opportunity for me to empower young women, to raise a young generation, joining with God. I believe we can do it. Please, continue what you are doing.

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