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PROMO: A Heart for Moms

For more than 10 years, Asia Pacific Media (APMedia) has published MOMS magazine, a quarterly publication targeting Filipino mothers. Created to strengthen and disciple families, the magazine features articles that challenge and encourage women with parenting, financial, physical and spiritual help. MOMS also tells real life stories of struggle and restoration while unashamedly speaking of Christ. Today, APMedia distributes more than 55,000 free copies to churches, women’s prisons, abuse centers, schools, Christian bookstores, convenience stores, doctors’ offices and YWCA centers. Many stories tell how women have overcome challenges in life and encountered God, and their lives changed dramatically. Founder Kim Snider says a story written by a local writer was the most impacting. “Unquestionably, the article one my Filipino writers did concerning homosexuality,” she says. As for the future of the magazine, Snider says she hopes “to increase circulation, increase our pool of Filipino writers and inspire others to produce Christian publications in print and online.” Article adapted from the March/April edition of Mission Magazine.

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