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Reaching Malaysia

“The Church in Malaysia lives with restrictions in sharing the gospel to most people in the nation. In this age of COVID, I’m so thankful that our churches can learn to utilize digital ministry and fill the gap with His Good News. As pastors, we’ve learned the importance of using media as an evangelism tool to reach this digital generation. Our church is taking this opportunity seriously and has formed a digital media committee to support our online ministry. The Malaysia AG has also asked APMedia to help in training their pastors and media workers. We’ve realized that pastors are the gatekeepers to new ideas. This was a result of APMedia Director Bill Snider’s vision-casting and strategy training session with pastors a few months ago. In November, 185 church workers joined this online training session, “Church Online Workshop.” The response was very positive as we were instructed in streaming, the content of your online service, and how to engage your audience and build a social media ministry. These workshops helped us realign our view of media as a tool for evangelism in this digital generation. It significantly impacted church leaders who are looking to amplify the gospel through their online services and communication. —Youth Director Ling Zhi Yong, Charis Christian Centre The “Church Online Workshop” is truly a blessing! The workshop not only included the technical aspects, but also emphasized the reason we are doing online ministry. —Pastor Nick Lim, First AG During the training, I picked up strategic ideas we could implement immediately, especially in the area of social media. —Rev. Ignatius Anandharaja, Agape Community Church

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