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STORIES: Bryan's Story—Manila

We asked Bryan why APMedia is so important. He said "You showed me about my life through a story that I could relate to, in my language. One of the characters in the movie was like me. I knew what I needed to do. APMedia also provided me with a valuable tool to share the gospel with others.” Bryan is a young man living in Metro Manila. A short time ago, his pastor showed the APMedia movie, "Ang Sugo", the Sent One, a story of a family delivered from spiritual deception and the occult as the drama unfolds, revealing Jesus is more powerful than any spirit or force in the world. Bryan had accepted Christ as a teen but was obsessed with the occult; collecting books about spiritism and occult power. Convicted about his books and fascination with the occult, Bryan came to his pastor and confessed. Together, they prayed for forgiveness and renounced the powers of the occult, burning all of his books and magical arts. What Bryan did next was exciting. Leading a team to a village north of Manila, he showed the movie to over a hundred people who were deep in spiritism practices. As a result dozens of adults and children captivated by the movie, committed themselves to Christ and more books, fetishes and amulets were destroyed. APMedia has produced many dramas like “Ang Sugo” over the years, impacting people like Bryan. Today, I sincerely need your help. We have seen a significant drop in contributions. The situation is not sustainable. Yet at this moment, doors are open. We are preparing to produce a new movie that will speak to the Filipino family in crisis. By September, we will be telling stories of salvation to people in Myanmar. Right now, thousands of Chinese are visiting our website everyday to find resources to answer spiritual questions. This is not the time to slow down or stop! What will it take to secure the future for Asia Pacific Media? We simply need 50 people, organizations or churches that will give $100 a month to Asia Pacific Media or 100 people to commit to $50 a month. We're that close to maintaining our operations. Over the years, I had never communicated in a crisis way. Would you help us this month and in the coming months with your ongoing $100 or $50 gift of support? If your budget is such that needs to be less, we welcome what you can do. My wife and I will be the first of 50. Would you join me today? You can submit your one time or ongoing monthly APMedia support by going to Thank you for journeying with us to reach the Asia Pacific to see His Message, Multiplied. Blessings, --Bill

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