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STORIES: How one article can change an entire family

Mom's Magazine Creates a Buzz Everyone knows a mother is the heart of the home and if God can reach a mother's heart, he can reach her family--which then impacts her community. Mryna picked up a Mom's Magazine in passing when an article about saving money caught her eye. The article profoundly changed the way she looked at her income and she took the steps to save ten percent of her income.  Not only did Myrna save money but she was able to buy land and help victims from Typhoon Yolanda!

In Myrna's Words:

In the pew of a Baptist Church, I saw Mom's Magazine, so I got one and read it at home. There was an article about that caught my attention about saving money. The article had ten money saving steps but what struck me was step 10 which was saving 10 percent of your money regardless of income...through saving we were able to make a down payment for a plot of land. I have a collection of mom's magazines and gave one to my friend who is a radio announcer, I gave him one so he could broadcast the written insights on the radio. Through money my husband and I saved, I was able to help a friend who's mom needed medicine after Tyhoon Yolanda. Mom's magazine has helped our family a lot."Today, Myrna shares Mom's Magazine with everyone she knows, she has stacks of them at home and with the impact Mom's Magazine has made through Myrna, she has shared it with friends, family, neighbors and it has even made waves on the radio.  

HOW CAN YOU HELP?Mom's Magazine is distributed every quarter to 58,000 subscribers and it solely exists on contributions from people like you, can you imagine how Mom's Magazine could impact God's Kingdom? You've just read only one woman's story! Mom's Magazine is changing the world through changing one mother's heart at a time. Will you help us to reach them?

MOM'S Magazine You can send cash or checks to Asia Pacific Media Ministry / FAO MOMS. Or you can make a direct deposit use our BPI, C/A: 2431-0042-27.   Perhaps you’ve received our stories, newsletters, and Facebook updates,  but have never given. Would you be one of 100 to commit to give $50 per month? Would you considers a one time gift? You can donate online with your one-time or reoccurring gift at we can change the world for Christ through one mom at a time. 

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