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APMedia 'horror' film goes viral—190,000 views in just days.

Halloween is nigh along with the rise of all things gore, supernatural, and horrific--usually in the form of blockbuster hits like "Saw IV". As this dark holiday approaches, millions of people world wide turn to the media to address their archetypal fears, leaving many with the message of just how dark the world is which is why we can't understand why our horror film has gone viral. With over 190,000 views in just days, our spiritual warfare movie has a different message, instead of leaving viewers with the hopeless thought of just now dark our world is, Ang Sugo portrays God is in control and the powers of darkness have already been defeated.  “Ang Sugo” follows a story of a housekeeper who leaves her peaceful home to work in an affluent house in the city. The members of this house are reluctant to have her there. The nights are filled with mysteries—footsteps in the hallway, strange voices, chanting in the darkness of night and blood-curdling screams. It is in this house that two lives connect—one who lives in fear and the other in faith. The story of “Ang Sugo” deals with spiritism in the Philippines.  The movie addresses the fear of the supernatural, ending with a powerful illustration showing Jesus as more powerful than any spirit. Whether you're skimming the media for the perfect non-horror film to watch or passing out candy to kids, would you take the time to thank God he has already defeated evil? Then ask him for our film to be watched by millions—impacting each viewer with its victorious message of hope—Jesus Christ is stronger than anything in this world. And now can I ask you if one more question?

Let's Spread the Word Together—Jesus Christ is Stronger With holidays like Halloween, many souls searching for hope are trapped in the constant message that God is dead and nothing is more powerful than evil. In perilous days such as this, AP Media is working hard behind the scenes producing films like Ang Sugo with the powerful, living giving message of HOPE. Will you join us?  Will you partner with us today to help us continue to stand on the front of enemy line—and combat the darkness with our powerful messages? Just how strong is Jesus? Just how many dark souls need to know? We need your help today to shine HIS light into the world during dark times like this.  Can you give $10.00 / $20.00 / $100.00 / $250.00 / $500.00 or more?  To watch the film, click here: Ang Sugo  To watch behind the scenes of our feature film, click here: Ang Sugo - Behind the Scenes

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