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Myanmar - The Time is Now and We Need YOU!

Under a half-century of dictatorship, Myanmar regularly banned dissent, imprisoned journalists and banned all forms of media. Reports without Borders ranked Burma 174th out of 178 in the 2010 Press Freedom Index. Up until 18 months ago there was no way possible to use or interact with any forms of media to bring the Gospel to Myanmar -- but AP Media and Pastors are waking up to this new horizon, pregnant with possibilities to spread message of hope through film.

The PossibilitiesFounder of AP Media Bill Snider comments,

"We just purchased a video camera and are providing the people there with microphones, lights and they will be purchasing in the next month an editing computer. A Burmese brother who will be the team leader will be with us in Manila for an intensive training period.  I do appreciate prayers for that.  The total investment in equipment and training for this person, at this point, will be approximately $5,200."

We Urgently Need YouIt is our mission to bring the Gospel to the people of Burma and cover the costs of $5,200 but we cannot do it alone. Time is of the essence and never in this history of mankind has the world needed the Gospel told in a way to impact all people--in every country.  In order to meet our mission and provide training and materials, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses, for support. Without the generosity of Gospel-minded people just like you, we will not reach our goal. We ask you to make a commitment to support our appeal to cover the costs of "Project Myanmar" by making a cask donation. 

Your Gift You can donate by taking the Coffee at Home Challenge, make a one time donation, or prayerfully commitment to supporting APMedia through a monthly APMedia Foundational gift of $50 or more. The need is real, the calling has been cast, and now we ask you to take action.  Will you give a gift of $30, $50, $125, $250, $500, or $1000? You can click here to donate. 

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