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STORIES: The Power of Forgiveness through Motion Pictures

An exciting thing about creating films and using videos for Christ, you don't know just who it will impact and how.  The movie, Ama Anak, is the story of a father and son relationship in crisis. The movie unfolds in front of Filipinos who aren't used to using film  to teach values or open their eyes to a different way of living. As the story unfolds, it hits home.

About the Film The father is a prominent lawyer with different values than his son. An unexpected critical illness gives the son only months to work out his relationship with his father.  Relying on prayer and faith in God, the son courageously reaches out to his father taking the lead in forgiveness. This Gideon Flame award winning film has been shown on major television stations across the Philippines. It addresses the issues of parent-child relationships, and forgiveness in families.

The Impact Che Desahgun says,

"Learning visually is totally different by hearing or reading. The topic made an impact because it was about forgiveness. In the movie we saw that the father was too harsh to his child. But we saw how God moved when the family forgave each other. So personally it made an impact because in our families there are times that we have misunderstandings with each other. I realized we should just take the lead. Regardless of who made the mistake or had a shortcoming but we should take the lead in forgiving a person who hurt us." 

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