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That's Jesus: Messages of Hope

In today’s fast-paced world, our attention spans are decreasing and stress levels are rising. This can create a barrier to effectively sharing the message of Jesus with others. One way to help break through this barrier is by using visuals —lots of them! This helps us capture people’s attention and immerse them in the narrative we’re presenting. Images can be powerful tools for spreading the love of God. The ‘Yan Si Hesus (That’s Jesus) video series aims to demonstrate, with the power of engaging black-and-white visuals, that Jesus is ever-present in our lives. Whether we need emotional support, someone to understand us, or a source of unconditional love, Jesus is always there for us. Through these emotive videos, we hope to open hearts and minds to truly comprehend the value of having a relationship with our Savior. As people spread these videos on their social platforms and among their peers, they’re contributing immensely toward more meaningful spiritual conversations. APMedia’s ‘Yan Si Hesus social-media evangelism campaign seeks to start conversations about weighty topics such as Heartbreak, Failure, Success, Betrayal, Weakness, and Burdens. We hope that, through this project, individuals, churches, and Christian organizations will have the necessary resources to saturate social media with a message of hope. We pray that these conversations would lead people to accept Jesus as their Savior, step foot inside a church, and become connected. This project speaks to the mission and vision of Asia Pacific Media. We are committed to equipping Christ followers to use media in evangelism: ‘His Message, Multiplied.’ The work wasn’t done just by our paid staff. Many members from our online community lent their voices for voiceovers and submitted photos to help tell this story. Ultimately, however, we owe the success of this project to ’ Yan Si Hesus!’

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