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The Fruit of Media Ministry

RUSSELL SANTIAGO—PHILIPPINES Media ministry in our church, Seeds of Jesus Full Gospel Church AG, located in Arkong Bato, Valenzuela, was birthed during the early pandemic. We started from zero, and we kept on learning, thanks to Asia Pacific Media. I first learned about APMedia in 2009 when I attended my first Magazine Layout training. At that time, I was the Senior Graphic Designer at our church. During the pandemic, our Multimedia Ministry was renamed Media Ministry as we realized media enabled us to help all ministries in the church. Our church leadership, especially our pastor, has supported our desire to expand and extend the gospel of our Lord through this Media Ministry. Our media team is comprised of seven people—most between 20 to 25 years old. My wife and I have fun working alongside their enthusiasm and energy. We love how these younger people generate ideas. The Media and Ministry Forum has widened our perspective on the different media we can use in our church. Our media team is dedicated to attending these seminars to learn more and grow in our use of technology for the Lord. The world uses technology professionally. Media ministry workers in the church must also train, so they exude professionalism. I use this time to build the team and offer growth opportunities. The value of having this training and mentoring from APMedia is priceless. You can acquire knowledge from paid training and seminars; after that, you are on your own. But the team at APMedia is always there to offer advice and instruction on our specific situations. There is nothing like this ordinarily available to the church. Before the training, the audio and video were very challenging for us. We determined our priority and what we should do first. We decided to prioritize audio because we learned that people tend to listen more. Then we invested in our video equipment. I would like to thank APMedia for bringing these training opportunities to every church, especially in our church. I have the vision to start broadcasting networks for our church—to plant seeds of Jesus. I am inspired as a church leader to accomplish greater things.

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